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When I'm not dancing, I'm writing or maintaining my websites.

My main site is, a free directory of Australian belly dancers and teachers.
  I was dancing flamenco and had a problem with my knees caused by jarring. A young girl at work was considering going to a belly dance class and to encourage her, I said I'd go with her.

I came out of that first class with a beam of joy on my face, and I was hooked!
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I've lived in Scotland, England, Africa and now Australia.   No content has been added to this section.
Dance style(s): Egyptian, Turkish, flamenco fusion

I discovered a passion for ballet at the age of three, but illness thwarted my dream of being a dancer. In my early twenties, I was finally able to study dance but in those days, it was hard to find adult classes - and ballet was ultimately too demanding for a body that hasn't been moulded in its youth! So started a journey through various dance forms including contemporary, Luigi jazz, flamenco and finally belly dance. I have studied both Turkish and Egyptian styles. I don't do Tribal but am tempted by the idea of using my flamenco performing background to create flamenco fusion.
I'm relatively new to teaching belly dance, but my experience teaching other dance styles means I'm not a complete novice! I don't have my own school, but do relief teaching for other instructors.
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