Kari Peters - Cobourg, Canada
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I am a dancer, choreographer, teacher, studio owner and a Mom. Bellydancing introduced me to a whole new world, a new way of looking at myself as well as a new way to move. I love teaching and creating with so many different dancers of all ages. I love watching people learn and integrate dance concepts, seeing how they interpret what I offer in class and take it with them into their lives. We are a very lucky breed, we feral bellydancers.   I was completely bullied into taking my first Belly dance workshops. I didn't get it until about the third class after my sister bought me a coin belt. Then it made sense to me- the connection with the music. As I learned more I could see possibilities for choreography. I started very cautiously with my music choices, and now I blend all my dance training with bellydance and really go for it!
Hip Travels   Favorites
I've been very lucky to travel as much as I have. I love Canada- so much in fact I've lived in many great cities, including Vancouver, Edmonton, Hamilton and London. I love the town I live in now, because I grew up here, it's one of the best places to raise my kids.
I've also been to Venezuela and The Dominican. I do hope to travel more, eventually. But right now I'm happy where I am.
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Dance style(s): Contemporary Fusion Bellydancer

Words often elude me- which is why I choose to dance. I have been studying dance for years, beginning with ballet, modern and a bit of tap, hula, African, jazz, baroque and character. Now with Bellydance as my focus I love taking all my dance training and blending it together. Right now I am inspired by Contemporary Dance which encourages the dancer to put emotion into every muscle movement. For now I will call myself a Contemporary Fusion Bellydancer.
I have been very lucky to have had so many different inspiring influences. The firsts being Carmen Bell and Erwina McKay. My first Belly Dance teacher was the engaging and quick Nigma. Now I'm lucky enough to be able to learn from Ansuya (thanks to her Belly Skype), and occasionally I travel to Toronto for workshops with other teachers, Audra Simmons, who hosted Kami Liddle, and very soon Roula Said.
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