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The Belly Dance Guide to Kuala Lumpur

travel, advice, HipMix.netKuala Lumpur is the capital of and second largest city in Malaysia. Alone it has 66 shopping malls, making it the retail and fashion hub of its country. But does it have belly dance? profile member Azia Abni Habban says yes! Join us as she takes us around her hometown.

petronus towers, hale sultan, kuala lumpur, belly dance,, travel, tips1) Go To The Twin Towers a.k.a. Petronas Towers.
The towers feature a skybridge between the two towers on 41st and 42nd floors, grab your camera and get some really great pictures and some fresh air!

2) Visit Istana Budaya
This is where all the musical theatre, concerts, cultural show and dance showcase took place. Check out the local scene with artist and shows that are sure to inspire a great belly dance preformance.

3) Try Local Food
You have to go to Jalan Alor for all the varieties to choose from.Tourists rarely venture here; the foreign faces you see are certainly expats, each seeming to give you a knowing nod. You’ve reached the ‘real’ Asia.

4) Try International Cuisine
Go to Bangsar Shopping Centre which famous for the international cuisine.The whole family can find themselves at home with the Kid’s Floor for children, boutique fashion for the grown-ups, or al fresco dining for everyone.

Belly Dancer
Hale Sultan knows the Petronas Towers well!

5) Test Your Skills at Bargaining
Haggling is a common sight here and the place is usually crowded with locals as well as tourists. The area has dozens of restaurants and food stalls, so eat and play

6) Go to Central Market
The history of Central Market goes back to 1888 where the location it now stands was used as an open wet market.Find your next prop with a little more history than just ordering off of the internet!

7) Head Over to Changkat Bukit Bintang
Restaurants, bars & clubs are one after another to choose from. Or just try them all! My personal favourite: Twenty One Bar, a great place to cut loose and dance with friends!

8) Visit Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman & Jalan Masjid India a.k.a. Little India
A must for every dancers. Here is where the cheapest materials you can get in town. Good luck finding your favorite because they have tons to choose from, read the story Beginner Cabaret Costume Design to help you create that great look!

9) Take a Nature Walk
Go to KL Tower where you get to see the view of KL city from the top of the tower and experience jungle in the city.