Belly Dance Fitness for You

Burn More Calories Every Day - A Few Hip Tips!

Belly dancing is very rigorous exercise. Doing it on a regular basis will cause your metabolism to skyrocket, which is great for health and vitality. However, many belly dancers are concerned about maintaining their fitness levels on slow days (or weeks…or months). Here are some great tips for burning more calories on an everyday basis just through simple lifestyle changes.


Turn chore time into exercise time. 

Household tasks can be pretty boring, but when you put on a little Hossam Ramzy music and shimmy your way through the laundry, you’re adding spice to your life as well as jumpstarting your metabolism.

Get active after work.

 We all have that time of day when work is done and it’s time to unwind. But instead of going out for pizza or watching a movie, head out to the park for a short walk. Or grab a friend and go shopping – anything that keeps you on your feet and moving.


Drink plenty of cool beverages.

It’s a little-known fact that cold drinks boost your metabolism by prompting your body to warm up quickly. You’ll actually burn an extra 70 calories per day just by drinking 64 ounces of ice water – pretty easy, huh?


Get romantic.
Having sex is good for the body and the soul. Just 30 minutes of intimate activity will burn at least 85 calories – even more depending on your position and whether you have an orgasm. Just turn on some sensual Middle Eastern music and have fun!

Amp up the protein.

Protein requires more calories to digest than fats and carbohydrates. In fact, for every 100 calories of protein you eat, 25 to 30 calories are burned simply digesting it! Great sources of protein include lean meat, nuts, and lowfat dairy products.


Burning more calories throughout the day all boils down to the spirit of activity; get your body moving, and you’ll be able to maintain your fitness levels more efficiently than ever.

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