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Belly Dance in Your 50's

In our society, senior adults aged 50 and above have often been discouraged from participating in strenuous exercises, amid worries that too much movement and exertion could cause an older adult to become injured. old woman, belly dance, 50's, hipmix.netIt is also common for seniors to falsely believe that belly dancing is a pastime best enjoyed by young people. However, experts agree that exercise is actually very beneficial to seniors and many adults in their 50s are now enjoying belly dance with not only young people, but their peers as well.


Physical Strengthening Benefits of Belly Dance

Middle Eastern dance is not only a beautiful, mesmerizing art form, but an excellent form of strengthening exercise as well. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, adults lose at least 0.5 percent of bone mass each year after the age of 40. Adopting a strengthening exercise routine is the only way to reduce or eliminate this unwanted effect of aging. Belly dancing uses muscles that can help seniors in their 50s to achieve good balance in order to prevent accidents that could cause disability and lack of independence.


Other Benefits of Belly Dancing

old, dance, belly dance, louise mcclung, hipmix.netLearning to belly dance in your 50s has many other benefits besides strengthening the muscles. It can be an excellent social outlet where a dancer can learn alongside others of all ages and backgrounds, an opportunity to study a different culture and listen to music from a faraway land, all of which can help keep the mind sharp. In addition to all of this, learning to belly dance is also a great way to get the recommended amount of cardiovascular activity in order to maintain a healthy heart, metabolism and body weight.


What to Expect as a Senior Belly Dancer

Aspiring dancers over the age of 50 should not feel embarrassed or hesitant about joining a belly dance class, as there will most likely be other participants of the same age. Also, the teacher knows that this ancient dance form is healthy and fun for people of all ages. If there are any health or disability concerns that the teacher needs to know, be sure to fully inform him or her before starting the class in order for all needs to be met.

A beginner belly dancer should wear comfortable, loose clothing and bring water in order to stay properly hydrated. No special costumes will be needed, but the teacher may have some decorative items to loan during classes.


Belly dance fans aged 50 and over do not have to sit back and watch – they can have just as much fun learning a beautiful Oriental dance as anyone else, and do so safely. If you have any major health problems, be sure to check with your doctor before signing up, and ask the teacher what you will need to bring to be comfortable for the duration of the class. Finally, enjoy yourself to the fullest as you train your body and soak in the atmosphere of an exotic culture.


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