Belly Dance Fitness for You

Belly Dance and Weight Watchers, A GREAT Combination!

Dancing is a widely accepted form of exercise. Belly dance, sometimes called Middle Eastern dance or Oriental dance, is growing in popularity as a way for women to both achieve their weight loss goals and become comfortable with their bodies. This ancient form of dance has a wide variety of physical benefits but, like all exercise modalities, gives its maximum results when combined with a proper diet.

Benefits of Belly Dancing

The motions involved in belly dance place a strong emphasis on proper posture and core control. The traditional hip rolls practiced by belly dancers work all of the muscles surrounding the abdomen, including those of the lower back and hips. Belly dancing is also a low-impact form of dance and, unlike other forms, does not place any unnatural strain on the joints of the legs. In fact, belly dancing strengthens the joints and may help to counter act the negative effects of aging. The controlled, fluid movements of the arms and shoulders contribute to an increase in strength and muscle tone, while encouraging weight loss.

Advantages of Weight Watchers

In order to be successful, a diet must be sustainable and allow for healthy bodily function. Weight Watchers teaches people to make healthy choices about food, without sacrificing what they enjoy. Many crash diets achieve rapid weight loss but leave the dieter with little or no energy and feeling ill. Belly dancers require a diet that will support their active lifestyle and give them the energy needed to exercise.

Belly Dancing and Weight Watchers

Many followers of the Weight Watchers diet plan have found success in utilizing belly dance as part of their weight loss program. The balanced diet encouraged by Weight Watchers allows for gradual, healthy weight loss and teaches you how to sustain that weight through a healthy lifestyle. Because belly dance is enjoyable and accessible without specialized equipment, it can be a welcome addition to that healthy new lifestyle. Belly dance is a demanding activity, however, and your body will require proper nutrition. Weight Watchers is not a crash diet and ensures that you will have the fuel needed.

Approved Snacks

Snacks throughout the day, especially in the late afternoon, can be important to maintaining the energy level needed to have an enjoyable belly dance session. For people following the Weight Watchers diet plan, complex carbohydrates with a low-fat, high-fiber content are key. According to Weight Watchers, cereal bars and energy bars are good snack choices. Trail mixes, that you can make at home, are also healthy ideas but avoid mixes that contain chocolate or other candies.  Oatmeal can also be filling and full of enough nutrients to provide a boost of energy.  For more delicious food and snack recipies that are great for the belly dance & Weight Watchers lifestyle, Click Here>>

To achieve healthy weight loss, a proper diet must be combined with an enjoyable and challenging form of exercise. Balance is needed in choosing both a diet and an exercise. If the exercise mode is overly difficult or the diet is too demanding, neither of them will be followed for a prolonged period of time. Both belly dancing and Weight Watchers encourage a confident, health-conscious lifestyle that can be followed for years with no harmful physiological effects.  CLICK HERE to find and discover belly dance instruction and events near you.