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Belly Dancer Dilara Sultan Shares Her Story For Having A Happier Period...

Belly Dancer Dilara Sultan Shares Her Secret To Stress Free Periods

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Let's face it: Tampons & Pads are not perfect... uncomfortable, embarrassing leaks...

and did you know that both can contain irritating chemicals?


But Dilara has a secert and she wants to share it with you: Instead Softcup


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"I've been using this
product for more than 12 years..
and was even featured in a national magazine sharing my story and experinces with the Softcup"

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Bottom Line: Yeah, it's a cup and that might seem kinda weird.  It doesn't hurt and once it's in, you don't feel it.


And Here's The Good News:

You don't have to change your routine just because you're on your period.

Softcup can be worn during all types of physical activity.

Because it's worn internally, and there are no strings, you can wear anything without worrying about revealing any trace of your period protection.



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