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The Basic Push Up

For the most part, the push up is simple, versatile, and most of all effective.  We all notice our arms in everyday life, like shaking the salt shaker or waving goodbye to the little darlings in the morning, all little reminders that we all have work to do.
The most common misconception is that too many push ups will result in large muscular arms and shoulders. However, like all other weighted exercises, less weight and more repetition will keep that bulk away and leave your arms firm and well defined.


Try starting with these simple steps:

belly dance, belly dancer, fitness, push up1. Start from the push up position with your knees on the ground.









belly dance, belly dancer, push up, health, fitness2. Put your hands even with your chest, shoulder length apart.








  belly dancer, belly dancing, health, fitness, push up

3.Lower your body down, making sure that the elbows stay tight next to the body, then press back up:








belly dance, belly dancing, push up, health, fitness


 4. That's it. That's one rep.







Perform this motion 7 times, rest, and repeat that pattern 2 more times until you have done 21 push ups.

You should be doing push ups three times a week.

As you get more comfortable, increase your reps by 3 until you can correctly perform 60 push ups every other day.

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