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Don't Be Too Busy For Breakfast

Out late last night with your belly dance and music buddies?  Perhaps you're not feeling like a “morning person."  It can be tempting to skip breakfast to snag a few extra minutes of sleep. Even for early birds, today’s hectic schedules make doing without a morning meal seem like a sensible timesaving habit. However, the short and long term consequences of being too busy for breakfast can be surprisingly harmful, especially to those of us who dance and shimmy our way through the day. 

Do the Math

belly dance, belly dancers, breakfast, wafflesIf you eat at 6 or 7 in the evening and then go without food until noon the next day, that’s a full 17-18 hours of fasting! Skipping breakfast is like going on a short term crash diet every day. Doing without food tanks your metabolism and makes weight loss very difficult.


In addition, when you starve yourself every morning your body will tell you to hit the vending machine at some point just to get some fuel in your system. You will also tend to eat more in the evening when you get home. Skipping breakfast and eating the bulk of daily calories later in the day are both behaviors that are correlated with higher body weights for adults.


Then, there’s the cognitive impairment to consider. Your brain doesn’t store its own energy. Brain tissue relies completely on glucose in your blood stream to keep running effectively. When your blood sugar is lowered beyond healthy levels by skipping meals, your ability to think clearly is impacted and you feel irritable. In the long run, you really won’t save time and get more done when you aren’t functioning at full capacity.


Components of a Healthy Breakfast


Choose low fat foods like whole grains and fruits that are high in fiber and complex carbohydrates. These will fill you up and ensure that you have energy for several hours. You can supplement with a small serving of simple carbs like natural fruit juice or honey that will hit your blood stream instantly. This can give you a quick boost without the need for caffeine. Add in a little protein (such as nuts, egg, or dairy) and you are good to go.

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