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Hip Tips To Curb Muscle Cramps

Belly dancers know all too well what too much dancing or a long weekend of workshops can do. Explosive exercises like too many belly dance drills can trigger cramps and muscle spasms. You could try drinking pickle juice, studies have shown it to help ease the pain. Not a fan? Try these hip tips to curb the cramps instead!

Drink it up.

  • Dehydration can throw off your electrolyte balance and bring on the cramps. Be sure to drink at least 20 oz of water (the standard is 16.5 - 20oz) three hours before your work out. During your work out, be sure to refill the bottle and try to drink up to half every 15 minutes.


  • Belly dancers already know, stretching is your first and best move to avoid cramps. Basically, your muscles are spasming, so stretching helps to counter its tightening. If you do get a cramp, stop and stretch the sore spot for 20 seconds (or at least until the pain stops).


Add tension.

  •  Flexing a cramping muscle can make it release. This action can trigger a safety switch called the Golgi tendon organ that relaxes a muscle when it’s too strained. If the cramp is in your calf, try holdong your leg parallel to the floor, or put your foot against the wall, and pull up on your toes.


Rub it in.

  •  If all else fails, massage the muscle. Rub vigorously, as if you’re kneading dough. This combines the previous two methods by stretching and compressing the muscle, helping to release the cramp.

Hip Tip : If you can’t muscle up the strength for today’s work out, have your doctor check your Vitamin D levels. Not sure if you’re getting enough? Check out “Putting The ‘D’ In Belly Dance” for more info.

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