Belly Dance Fitness for You

The FitBit and Belly Dance?

If you follow Dilara Sultan on Facebook or Twitter, every day you will see an automated posting similar to this:


“I walked 8,000 steps, travelled 4.3 miles and burned 2,118 calories.....” blah blah blah.

“My little FitBit is one of the best gifts I’ve given myself,” Dilara explains. “It keeps me on track and conscious of my fitness level as well as healthy eating. Plus, it’s something like a Positive Peer Pressure tool for me. I know that it will broadcast what I did the previous day, and I don’t wanna be lazy.”

So what does this little FitBit gadget do?

Ever wondered how many steps you take on a daily basis while you are out at the mall or walking your neighborhood?  If so, it no longer has to be a wonder with this tiny device.  The FitBit Tracker is able to track the number of steps you’ve taken, the total distance that you have traveled and the amount of calories that you are burning during the day.  It can even track your sleep progress if you wear it at night attached to the wristband included with purchase.

“I have my fitness goals, and one is increasing my daily steps taken to 10,000 per day,”  Dilara said.  “And I do wear it when I’m belly dancing in my studio as well. Movement is good and whether it’s hip drops or time at the gym, it all adds up.”

Your information is collected from the motion that your FitBit senses. The device includes a 3D motion sensor very similar to the one that is in a Nintendo Wii controller. This little gadget can be attached to your clothing – your undergarments, your pocket or even on your waist.

Because of its extensive features, the FitBit is able to tell when you are sitting, walking, the time you wake up, etc. It can tell if you are someone that stands on your feet majority of the day or if you are one that sit still majority of the day but then take a single walk in the afternoon or evening.

Where does the information go?

Apart from uploading your information to social networks like Facebook & Twitter as Dilara does, the data is also uploaded into FitBit’s website so that you can view the data in charts and graphs. In addition, you can add your meals into the FitBit’s web portal so that you can keep track of just how many calories you have coming in and the number of calories you are burning. There is a database consisting of more than 50,000 foods in which you can pull your daily consumptions from.

“You have a profile, which can be as public or private as you wish,” Dilara says. “And in the spirit of social networking and motivation, there are groups that you can join.”  It’s not a surprise that Dilara started a FitBit group for those interested in belly dance as well:   
 The Hip Mix Hip+Fit Belly Dance Movement  

“It has just gotten started, and a bit small, but I hope in the coming months people will join and we can encourage each other on our fitness journeys.”

How to gauge yourself:

The FitBit is virtually a one-stop resource for all things related to fitness and health. If you need to keep track of how far you walked on Monday, FitBit can do it. If you need to keep track of your calorie intake, FitBit can do it. Want to know how many more calories you burned Tuesday in comparison to Monday, FitBit can tell you.

On the web portal, you can also create your own weight loss goals if that’s something you are hoping to achieve.  For example, you can set your goal to be 50,000 steps in a week and you’ll see a progress bar showing you how close you are to meeting your goal or how far you are from achieving it. You can also set the weekly goal in miles rather than steps.

On the outside of the tiny gizmo, you will see an illuminated blue flower.  The better you perform and eat, the prettier and large your flower will appear.  The less healthy you eat and the less exercise you partake in, the smaller your flower will become – in other words, your flower will wilt and this isn’t what you want to see.  You want to see progress, which means you want to see your flower grow just as you would any beautiful flower.

“It’s not just a tool for someone looking to lose weight, it’s an all-around fitness friend to me,” Dilara said. “When you are recording your food choices and seeing how many calories, fat, and all the other nutritional information, I believe you’ll think twice about zipping through McDonald’s. I think it’s a wonderful compliment to our Hip+Fit Lifestyle!”