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Hip+Fit Belly Dancers & Fitness Trainers: How To Find The Right Fit

Not everyone works out, and those that do all have their own unique routine... or do they? It's not enough for someone who belly dances to rely on that as their sole form of fitness. So what's the best thing a belly dancer can do to achieve a full body fitness regime?

Depending on experience, background, or time constraints, there is no blanket workout that fits everyone. People who tell you, "eat less and exercise more" are simplifying the problem many people face who are looking to lose weight. But weight loss shouldn't be the only motivating factor for working out.

Exercise does not have to be terrifying. This isn't gym class, and no one will make fun of you if you're the slowest person during sprints. There are options for people who don't have experience working out at a gym. And one of them is hiring a personal trainer.

What is a personal trainer? Balanced Personal Fitness defines a trainer "as a guide and consultant, assisting clients in a variety of capacities to enable them to lead a healthier life."

Personal trainers can be important when starting and maintaining a diet and workout regimen because they can steer you in the right direction, offer diet tips, provide encouragement, and encourage you when you hit inevitable workout plateaus.

The most important part of picking a trainer, is first deciding what your goals are.

Imagine if you approached a real estate agent and said, "I want to buy a house, but I'm not really sure what kind." The agent now has the opportunity to push whatever house has been on the market the longest, as opposed to a recent listing that may fit your needs better.

By approaching a personal trainer without goals, you run the risk of employing someone who doesn't get what you need, and after a period of not meeting your expectations, leaves you feeling more discouraged than when you started out.

The second part to picking a trainer, is understanding your obstacles.

We all have excuses to why we don't work out. What you want to do is eliminate your fail rate. Dilara says that spending money is not something she takes lightly, so the mere act of paying a trainer motivates her to use that investment wisely.

If you don't work out because of time, day care, knee problems, or medical constraints, make sure your trainer knows these difficulties and can offer solutions to accommodate your problems.

And finally, make sure you avoid the ripoff.

As in every field, there are imitators, or people who care more about your money than your health. Discuss your options with multiple trainers before locking down a long-term contract. Visit multiple gyms. Do background research on potential personal trainers before deciding.

If possible, bring a workout-savvy friend who can help you through asking the right questions. Sometimes it's easier to say no when you have backup.

But wait, this is expensive!

Money is always a factor in picking the right trainer. While you don't need the priciest trainer in the world, don't settle for less because of a budget. Ask your trainer candidates about group discounts. If you are looking at a gym membership, ask for a trainer to set personalized workouts in addition to training sessions so not every workout has a trainer fee associated.

At the end of the day, what you are looking for in a trainer is this:

Someone who keeps you accountable without pushing you too hard
Someone who sets goals
Someone who can accommodate your specific needs and wants
Someone who matches your personality
Someone you respect

After all, the tone of your exercise relationship could very well be set by one bad trainer. So do your due diligence before commitment to ensure a pleasant experience for everyone involved.



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