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The Many Styles of Ron Perovich

Ron Perovich has come a long way since playing guitar in a suburban high school garage band. Perovich is an American composer, multi-instrumentalist, and independent recording artist currently living near Dallas, Texas. He entered the world music scene after dating a belly dancer, and every twist and turn along that path has been worth the effort.

Ron Perovich, Oriental and Middle Eastern MusicianPerovich’s musical style is a fusion of traditional sounds from the Middle East, Europe, and India, along with occasional western pop, rock, and electronica. In 2007 he began creating music for the American belly dance community, and much of his recent recordings have reflected this concentration. His instruments of choice include the ney, guitar, duduk, sitar, flute, percussion, and keyboards.

Acoustic local music played on the traditional instruments of the area is always his first choice in terms of performance. This is a bonus to the contemporary music he enjoys listening to as well, as it provides context to World Beat and World Fusion that makes it even richer. Although he frequently makes appearances with other performers, he does not actively tour in support of his own albums.

“I can only be born into one culture, but I can live in as many as I can find,” says Perovich. “I enjoy traditional music from around the world as well as the exciting ways it blends with and reflects the modern, familiar pop music I live among.”

Perovich recently signed an exclusive deal with independent music company Hip Muzik allowing his works to be showcased in upcoming video and DVD productions.

“Ron is a gem in the raw, playing over a dozen instruments and grasping concepts quickly,” says Hip Muzik A&R Manager, Maria Natera. “The quality of his work is very satisfying - and true to the sound and integrity we were hoping for.”

Perovich has already begun work with the Hip Müzik team and looks forward to upcoming projects. Why Knot Productions is set to release the videos featuring his work in late 2011.

“This has been an amazing opportunity,” says Perovich. One thing’s for sure – the world has not seen the last of Ron Perovich! To learn more about Ron, click Here