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Inspire Belly Dance Re-Cap

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To kick off 2012, ran a new contest, asking people from all parts of the world to nominate belly dancers who are an inspiration to them. While a winner Myra (pictured to the right), two runner-ups and four honorable mentions were announced, this contest had an impact on all those involved, whether they were being nominated, or doing the nominating.


Belly dancers who were nominated for this contest have expressed gratitude that their skill in this art has served as an inspiration to others. Many were nominated by family, friends or students, and have commented on the blessing that these people have been in their lives, as well as in their pursuit of belly dancing. One nominee, Soraya (3rd place) commented, “I felt elated that I had fulfilled my personal goal and desire to inspire those around me!”

Importance of Contests to the Belly Dance Community

This desire to inspire others is a common theme among belly dancers, who find joy in dance and want to share that with others. Nominees recognized the importance of contests like Inspire, and their ability to increase awareness of and respect for belly dance, both as an art form and as a community of sisters. Contests like this also strengthen the bonds that belly dancers have with one another. As Tasha (honorable mention) puts it, “It puts the human aspect into our craft and unites dancers as a whole.”

Influence of

A wide range of familiarity with was observed among dancers and those who nominated them. Some expressed great familiarity with the site and commented on the amazing resources available on it. Others said that they had heard of it and had an idea of what it was. A few, however, said that they had never heard of it before the contest. Regardless of their prior knowledge of the site however, all are appreciative of the opportunity it gave them to increase awareness of belly dance and to recognize those who are an inspiration in this field.

Influence of Contest on

The Inspire contest has helped many belly dancers to become aware of the great information and resources that has to offer. Both those who had used it before and those who only recently found out about it through Inspire agreed that this is a rich resource that has the vision and ability to help those in the belly dance community grow and achieve their dreams. The contest has expanded their view of the site and the ways in which it can help them. As Candice (nominator of Molly, 2nd place) says, “It feels closer to home now that I have been actively involved.” has proven to be a wonderful resource for belly dancers and their family and friends, and the Inspire contest has brought that vision to the forefront. Those involved have indeed been inspired. It is hoped that this contest will continue for many years, helping to showcase the talents of dancers and inspire others with the unique stories of those who practice this art.