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Jamie Lynn Represents Belly Dance On AMC's Showville

Often, when belly dancers are on TV, we worry how will our beloved art be represented. But tonight when Jamie Lynn Shelton takes the stage as part of AMC's latest reality show, we will watch with eyes wide open!!


jamie lynn shelton, dilara sultan

I first met Jamie Lynn a few years back at the Austin Belly Dance Convention. She was wearing a recycled prom dress as a costume (isn't it fab?!) and was celebrating its recent launch.


Now, she's sharing belly dance with the world as part of AMC's latest reality show: Showville. Each week, Showville invades one small, quintessentially American town and puts together a talent show in four days, starting from open auditions to the final performance. Jamie Lynn is representing both belly dance AND her hometown of San Marcos, Texas, in episode 5 of the 8-week run.


jamie lynn shelton, san marcos, showville

The contestants, after enduring 48 hours of mentoring while juggling their normal lives (aka status quo for belly dancers who are known to shimmy in any circumstance) compete in front of friends, family, co-workers and neighbors (again, not something belly dancers are new to) and the winner is selected by the audience. Top prize is $10,000 and a novelty cup.


You can catch Jamie Lynn tonight at 9 CST (10 EST) on AMC, the place where you normally oggle Mad Men costumes.


Visit Jamie Lynn's profile to learn more, or purchase one of her handmade necklaces on


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