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Renew Year Resolutions... Belly Dance?

For those of us who used to play team sports, the absence of a coach is something we feel later on in life. There are certainly periods of our life where we could use a helpful someone pointing us in the right direction. Someone we trust.


Sometimes, that someone needs to be you.


The act of making New Year Resolutions is one often mocked by mainstream media. It's true that promises made to oneself are the ones most swiftly ignored. "But this year," we say. "This year will be different." In my mind, I'm making that statement count.


It seems I'm not the only one.


In past years, I haven't seen many New Years Resolutions clog up my social media sites. This year, even people who turn their noses up at self-help books and motivational Facebook photos seem to be getting on board with the desire to see change reflected in their life.


The trend isn't just one that I'm seeing. Everywhere I turn, the idea of renewal seems to be gaining popularity. Even mass media seems to be done with destroying the Earth in creative ways, in favor of seeing the beauty of Earth rebuilt and restored.


Maybe I'm just exaggerating, but 2012 seems to have gotten everybody down. On December 31st, I wasn't seeing many positive reflections on the past year so much as "good riddances" and hopes for a better new year. While I lament that so many people had a rough time of it, I, too, am thinking that 2013 could be my luckiest year yet.


Thirteen is number shunned in society, but I've come to embrace it as a lucky omen. I opened my studio on the 13th, I had my ribbon cutting with the Chamber of Commerce 2 months later.... also on the 13th. And I'm happy to say that even though the streets leading up to my studio were flooded, the dance floor was so crowded I could hardly move.

grand opening, the belly dance studio, beaumont,

grand opening, the belly dance studio, beaumont,

"2013 is going to be a lucky year," I told my studio and staff today. We're all rested from the holidays and ready to make this next year one where our dreams come true. is already on track to making one of it's oldest dreams come true... but we're still keeping that one a secret. For now.


As always, we will continue to be committed to representing the art of belly dance well. But this year, the theme is Renew. Renew our bodies, our spirits, our minds and our relationships. What does that mean?

Renew our bodies: focus on health, not weight. It's easy to get discouraged when the scale remains the same, so focus on alternate methods to gauge your fitness. Try to build up to 100 push-ups a day, lower your blood pressure, or simply try to drink a full 60 fl oz of water a day.


Renew our spirits: let our failures go, and embrace the hope of new endeavors. We all know the stories of people who failed many times before making their iconic product, performance or company. So stop holding up your failures as a reason to give up and make them your inspiration to keep trying.


Renew our minds: commit to continuing education. Stretch, learn, grow, repeat. Pick something outside your comfort zone, actually pay attention, reap the benefits, and keep trying. I'd guarantee that learning belly dance was one of those things that seemed impossible until it made your life all the better. Keep doing that!


Renew our relationships: harbor no ill will toward those who have failed us. I'm not saying become best friends with someone who broke your heart, but at the very least let the anger go. More than moving on, stop talking about the pain. The best revenge is to be happy. Don't let the failures of others become the defining characteristic of your life. Be the person who overcomes and inspire others to do the same.


Well, if my resolutions aren't the spark to your get-up, why not share what you want 2013 to hold for you?