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Villains in Belly Dance, Wardrobe Malfunctions and More

What am I thankful for this week? I'm thankful for YouTube, and these four video clips about belly dance that have made me smile, laugh and even cringe as my Holiday Season is shaping up to be super stressful and over way too fast.


How many belly dancers love raising money for their favorite charities? It seems that every week I'm receiving another request from a belly dancer taking to the stage to raise money for breast cancer research, no-kill animal shelters and issues affecting the future of our children.


Well, "The Amazing Spiderman" and "The Social Network" star Andrew Garfield managed to raise $10,000 for the Worldwide Orphans Foundation in a little over a minute by showcasing the variety of his dance skills, including a belly-baring attempt at Oriental Dance.


(Thank you, Ellen, for again including belly dance, this time mentioning it as the same caliber as ballet, Gangnam Style and the Irish jig.)



Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan got in on the celebrities belly dancing when they performed alongside the likes of The Bellydance Superstars. (in horrible, horrible Halloween-type costumes).



Aside from the irritating comments from the E! News Anchor, I did have to giggle when Kelly admits, "It's like, you look very sexy, and I look like I broke something." Hasn't every newbie felt that way?


This next video reminds us that the best person to bring to your belly dance show, is another belly dancer. Also, it reminds us that if you are videotaping your friends show, please don't cheer along - it hurts our very delicate diva ears.



Now THAT'S a good friend!


Our final video is not for the faint of heart. You can see this belly dance disaster happening from a mile away, and still the end result will leave you cringing. As Ra's Al Ghul says in Batman Begins, "Mind your surroundings!" Certainly, that advice would have greatly helped this belly dancer.



All I can say about that is... ouch.