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Belly Dancers... Just Breathe

dilara sultan, ball,, dilara's diaryLast weekend, I attended the Symphony Debutante Presentation Ball. I was so happy to be there since my best friend's daughter was a debutante and my son was her escort. Also, I love excuses to dress up and this black-tie event was a fun opportunity!


As I sat, watching all the young ladies and their escorts take the stage one by one, I smiled. Although they had been taught for weeks what to do, how to walk, bow and all the other pomp-and-circumstance hoops to maneuver... it reminded me of me...


Not when I was a debutante (I was not), but of my first time, and second, and many many other times I have had the opportunity to stand on stage... as a belly dancer performer, a PTA president or worship leader in church.


I could see the excitement, the nervousness and the anxiety on those young ladies' faces. Shoulders drawn up a little too high, a slight slouch in their posture, and none of them looked like she was breathing. Sound or feel familiar? Yes, it does to all of us.


At that moment, I found myself starting to think of music. I drifted from the music the symphony musicians were playing, to Anna Nalick's "Breathe." Not for the meaning of the song that could be interpreted a number of ways... all that don't have a lot to do with this meaning... but for the cleansing of BREATHING! And perhaps a metaphor of my own... see if this works for you:


A teenage girl on parade, a belly dancer on a stage, a stressful moment when you feel put-on-the-spot..... no matter why you are experiencing fright, anxiety or pain... BREATHE!

Too often we hold it in, we hold our breath, we hang on to anxiety. It shows: from your posture, your mood or to the toxic relationships in your life. Expel them, release it all and just be. Just breathe.


Take a moment, heck, take two moments if you need it. Channel your inner goddess by breathing. In and out. Let the good come in and expel the bad... Is it always that easy? No, but it's good for you. Clear your thoughts, escape the nerves a little and be fully in the moment.


As the year is quickly coming to a close... take time every day to focus on your breathing. Inhale the good, expel the bad. Drop your shoulders, lift your head up and stand tall. Breathe and show the strong woman that you are...


Likely, this blog has sparked a few memories as you read along, some areas in your life have probably come into your mind.... areas that perhaps need some airing out? Do it. Think of that moment and breathe.