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Hi, I'm Dilara Sultan and I Don't Approve Of This Message

Good manners dictates: "Do not discuss politics or religion at dinner parties," and we all know why. People differ, usually DRAMATICALLY on these two topics. Those that agree with you, may only agree so you'll hush.. and those that do not agree, you risk alienating.


Needless to say, it's not good for business either.


For those of us in the business of belly dance, we have to overcome many PR issues to have a successful business. Public perceptions will always be an uphill battle for the artist perceived as a stripper, hoochie-koochie dancer, or bunga-bunga party girl.


Let's face it, when it comes to headlines... nothing grabs attention better than a "scantily-clad gyrating belly dancer." (If you know me, then you know those words strung together get my goat)


I have noted before about mixing belly dance and politics, for a reminder read here>>


Today I revisit it, thanks to this article and story from yesterday's Supreme Court ruling on Obama's Health Care Program:


belly dance, health care, obama mandate, dilara sultan, hipmix.netSo, wearing your belly dance costume, and as ABC News Reports: "two belly dancers sauntered down First St. in front of the court followed by drums, a tambourine and a brass flute... In response protesters with the Tea Party hooked iPods up to their megaphones, blaring patriotic music in an attempt to drown out the drums and cymbals of the law's supporters..." is EXACTLY the way to display the art of oriental dance?


Wow, Cool, Really? WTF??


What does belly dance have to do with this issue? Belly dancers are individuals... and I dare say individuals who do not appreciate the art of belly dance being used as a ploy... much like sex is used, in order to garner attention, sell a product or grab headlines.


What I feel on the healthcare issue is not the point, and if you think you know what my opinion is, you are most likely incorrect. This is my point:

belly dance, politics, jensuya, health care, obama mandate,, dilara sultan


Is this really
for a political ad?


To the belly dancer named, Jensuya:

I respect your rights to your opinions and I am happy that you are actively taking a stand in your political passion. Kindly do so as yourself. Yes, you are a belly dancer. But do you honestly feel that the only way to get your voice heard is to don your bedlah?


Reverse the political alignment... would feathers be ruffled?


Really, this is not the issue... the issue is this: When you represent yourself as a belly dancer, you represent belly dance. In matters where belly dance is not a part of the political cesspool, kindly leave your isis wings at home.


To quote the PAC Single Payer Action: "The majority of Americans want single payer Medicare for all. So do the majority of belly dancers. We've been agitating in front of the White House, Congress and at Congressional offices around the country. Now it's time to take it to the Supreme Court."


My response: Hi, I'm Dilara Sultan and I Don't Approve Of This Message.


Remember, you may be the only belly dancer someone sees this week; make sure they get the right impression.