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Turning Eating Disorder Awareness Week Into BELLY DANCE SAVES LIVES Awareness Week

National Eating Disorder Awareness Week


I read something the other week that resonated with me and I'd like to share:Your Weight is the Least Interesting Thing About You"


How many conversations in our life have revolved around what we eat, what exercise we do, and how much we weigh? Don't we have more interesting things to talk about? Aren't we all super fantastic original belly dancers? Do we really need to spend hours counting calories out loud to our friends?


Maybe you're not someone who wastes time debating exercise and diet, but you know someone who does. Someone who tells you, if they just lost 5, 10, or 100 pounds they could be healthy, but more importantly - happy., belly, dance, eating disorder, awareness, self confidence

Dilara & staffers bare their bellies to show you
beauty comes in all shapes &, belly, dance, eating disorder, awareness, self confidence


Here are two stories of women I LOVE who didn't think they would ever be happy with how they looked, no matter how they dieted, purged or starved. After listening to their tales, you will come to the same conclusion I did:

Belly Dancing Saves Lives. Period.

"Belly dance is therapeutic and spiritual," Monah said. "It's no coincidence that the Eating Disorder Community of therapists and doctors has started to recommend belly dance as an additional tool to healing."  Read the full story HERE.

“No matter what sort of belly you have- poochy or taut, creamy skinned or etched with stretch marks, belly dancing looks beautiful on everyone," Princess Farhana.  Read the full blog HERE


Do you have a story about you or someone you know who were saved by belly dance? Share them with us and help us continue to fight against poor self-image.  Email me at

Hugs, shimmies & HAPPINESS!

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